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I love dinosaurs and all other things prehistoric (obviously)!  And over the years I have amassed a huge collection of items related to them, which you are about to see on this similarly huge website (which you will not be able to visit in its entirety in just one session). The collection — which began when I was a little boy and has continued to grow to dinosaurian size — is displayed both inside my house, which is like a museum, and in the backyard which is my own “dinosaur park.”

And make sure you also check the B.C. option at the top of this page, where you’ll find other things I hope of interest, like the simple origins of my collection and what started my interest in things prehistoric.

As an introduction, I was hatched in Pecos, Texas, grew from hatchling to subadult (more or less) in Chicago, Illinois, and spent my adult life in various cities in Southern California, where I received a BA degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences for Cinema from the University of Southern California (1967). I am a director/writer of independent motion pictures,  author of novels (e.g.The Empire Strikes Back), short stories, nonfiction books, comic books and magazines, motion pictures (Pecosborn Productions and Frontline Entertainment), TV shows  (live-action and animation), music, articles, etc. Also, I am a musician, photographer, lecturer and actor (see my personal website). Much of what I have written, both as non-fiction and fiction, has involved dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, such as my Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia 8-volume series of books (see “Bibliography”).

















I’ve worked on feature-length dinosaur motion pictures like Roger Corman’s Carnosaur (“dinosaur consultant”) and, as writer, director and an executive producer, my own Dinosaur Valley Girls;   worked on such TV shows as Dinosaur Revolution, Dinosaurs and its follow-up More Dinosaurs (both shot in part at my home), Nova, Paleo World, Discovery Kids and Prehistoric Super Stars, and appeared as a “talking head” on even more; worked on such video and CD ROM projects as Creatures Great and Small, Dinosaurs Next Exit, America’s Prehistoric Parks, Dinosaur Digs: A Fossil Finder’s Tour, Dinosaur Museum and my own Dinosaur Movies and Fossil Hunter;  with the Chiodo Brothers for a series of prehistoric-themed Cup Noodles commercials for Japanese TV; worked on special projects and exhibits with  museums including the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, The Field Museum, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the Witte Museum, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Rochester Museum and Science Center.



I’ve done myriad slide shows about prehistorc life at public libraries and also lectured on such topics as dinosaur movies and artist Charles R. Knight at numerous museums, libraries, schools and other institutions; taught classes; and made countless personal guest appearances regarding dinosaurs at stores, signings, fairs, festivals, museum so-called “Dinosaur Days,”  conventions and other events.































I was a volunteer at The Field Museum and, since 2001, have been a volunteer in Paleontology Department and then the Dino Lab at the “Dinosaur Institute” of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County,  where I get to work first-hand preparing real dinosaur bones (and also those of other Mesozoic animals).






I first got interested in things prehistoric at about the age of six or seven, at which time I started collecting, albeit then on a very small scale, things pertaining to dinosaurs and other forms of ancient life (see B.C. ). Most of my “serious” collecting began during the early 1980s, however, when I had the opportunity of purchasing a resin skull cast of the gigantic carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.  From that point the collection seemed to take on a life of its own, growing to what it is today. And like those giant sauropod dinosaurs, the collection — comprising everything “prehistoric,” both inside and outside the house — continues to grow.

I am also West Coast Representative of Las Vegas Talent Agency.

Don’t be shy about coming back. You may see something new! And please, if you find any errors, spelling mistakes, broken links. etc., let me know so I can fix them.  Thanks!





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