At Jonas Studios

The original Tyrannosaurus figure (equipped with a mechanically moving lower jaw) outside Paul Jonas’ studio in Churchtown, New York (left), as seen in one of numerous advance publicity photographs issued by Jay DeBow and Partners, Inc.; and below) awaiting transport by barge down the Hudson River to its first destination, Sinclair’s “Dinoland” at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

To see some memorabilia from Sinclair’s “Dinoland” exhibit, CLICK HERE.













Souvenir postcard showing the Jonas Studios during construction of the Sinclair World’s Fair dinosaurs.



As the Jonas Tyrannosaurus (as well as the studio’s other dinosaur figures) became a popular attraction, in both full-scale and a miniaturized version — copies were eventually circulated among museums, “dinosaur parks” and other venues world-wide.