B.C. (“Beginning Collection”)

My prehistoric collection didn’t just “hatch” overnight.

Like all collections, mine had a very modest beginning. And like the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures inhabiting the collection, it gradually grew and evolved.

The collection really started to bulk up beginning with the early 1980s.  At that time, and through the 1990s, I did a lot of traveling. Much of this traveling had to do with my giving a lecture, called “Fantasy Dinosaurs of the Movies,” that I gave — with film clips — at museums, schools and other institutions. Invariably I would come home from these excursions with new “dino items” to add to my collection. After a while my reputation for collecting prehistoric items grew and people started contacting me about collectibles in which I might be interested.

Unlike the dinosaurs, however, my collection will probably never go extinct (at least not before I do).

The photos in this gallery should give you some idea of the humble beginnings of my collection and of some of the events that led to what it is today.

For a brief but cool video tour through the museum my home eventually became, courtesy of Jerry (“Karlos Borloff“) Moore of TV’s Monster Madhouse, CLICK HERE.


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