Ceratosaurus Skull





Skull (above) and isolated right maxilla (below) of Ceratosaurus magnicornis (casts), a horned carnivorous dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Mesa County, Colorado, purchased from Gaston Design, Inc., Fruita, CO.












Below,  one of a series of five dinosaur postcards (1978) from the British Museum (Natural History), now The Natural History Museum, London, this one depicting Late Jurassic times in the western USA, with the smaller type species Ceratosaurus nasicornis in the lower foreground; postcard from the former Natural Science Museum (now Cleveland Museum of Natural History) showing a full-scale model of that species once on display at that institution; souvenir postcard from the “Field House” Natural History State Museum in Vernal Utah, showing a tableau of life-sized dinosaur statues the dinosaur sculpted by Millard Fillmore Malin; and Feg Murray newspaper comic-strip panel heralding the 1948 movie Unknown Island (with its Ceratosaurus mislabeled as Tyrannosaurus).