Corythosaurus Skull




Skull (cast) of a juvenile individual of the duckbilled dinosaur Corythosaurus casuarius, from Valley Anatomical Preparations, Canoga Park, CA.


Postcard from the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, showing “Cory” — a cast of a Corythosaurus skull mounted atop an indeterminate hadrosaur skeleton — as originally mounted at that museum.















Mural depicting Corythosaurus at the Academy of Natural Sciences.



Postcard from Dinosaur Land, between Winchester and Front Royal, VA.


















Postcard of a hardly realistic Corythosaurus statue displayed outside the Dinosaur Gift & Mineral Shoppe, between Danbury, Connecticut, and Brewster, New York.

Souvenir postcard of Corythosaurus,  one of a series of such cards from The British Museum (Natural History) — now The Natural History Museum, London — issued in 1978.



Postcard showing a ceramic Corythosaurus figure made by Abbeon, Jamaica, NY (1957).