Fossil Mammal Skulls





Skull (cast) referred to Daphoenus sp., a “bear dog” from the Middle Oligocene White River Formation of Niobrara County, Wyoming, purchased from Jones Fossil Farm, Worthington, MN.


Paintings (based on life restorations by Charles R. Knight) by Matthew Kalmenoff for stamps in Animals of the Past Stamps (A Golden Playbook, Simon and Schuster, 1954), showing a “bear-like dog” (Borophagus), an extinct three-toed horse (Mesohippus) and a sabre-toothed cat (Smilodon).


bear-like dog

middle horse














From Jones Fossil Farm, cast of a skull (juvenile) of Hoplophoneus sp., a sabre-toothed cat from the White River Formation of Niobrara County, Wyoming.



Also from Jones Fossil Farm, a cast of the skull referred to the prehistoric horse Hipparian cf. dietrichi, from the Middle Pliocene Maragha fauna locality, Iran.