Dimetrodon Fossils



Fossil tooth, vertebra and partial neural spine of the pelycosaur (a kind of “mammal-like reptile”) Dimetrodon grandis.

Dimetrodon parts












Souvenir postcard from The Field Museum showing mounted skeletons of Permian period reptiles, including Dimetrodon grandis (right), photograph by John Weinstein (negative number GEO85820c).

Painting of Dimetrodon by Matthew Kalmenoff (based on a painting by Charles R. Knight done for National Geographic Magazine) for a stamp in Animals of the Past Stamps (A Golden Playbook, Simon and Schuster, 1954.











Postcards (above right and below left) from The Field Museum showing a skeleton of Dimetrodon gigas (and other pelycosaurs) and reproducing a painting by artist Karen Carr of Dimetrodon grandis.


Postcard from Prehistoric Gardens on the Oregon Coast Highway 101, neat Port Orford, showing a full-scale statue of Dimetrodon.