“Dinosaur-Movie” Kit Models, Postcards, Etc.

Various model assembly kits based upon creatures from famous “dinosaur” movies, such as this “Gorosaurus” resin kit model from Kaiyodo of Japan, based on the “kaiju” from such Japanese movies as King Kong Escapes and Destroy All Monsters (also, CLICK HERE).

Montage of postcards based upon Karel Zeman’s 1955 Czech movie Journey to the Beginning of Time.


Souvenir postcards from movies with dinosaurs, including one from Japan showing “Gorosaurus” from King Kong Escapes.

Back to the Future postcard

.Gorosaurus postcard

















Jurassic World 4-Piece Tumbler Set sold at Universal Studios; and cold cast model (Columbia Heritage, 2001) based on Ray Harryhausen’s  Phororhacos stop-motion model from the 1961 movie Mysterious Island; and a vinyl kit model (unpainted) from Biliken, based upon Harryhausen’s “Rhedosaurus” in his 1953 movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.















The 1953 movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms was inspired by (or based on) the story by Ray Bradbury published in the June 23 (1951) issue of The Saturday Evening Post, illustrated by James R. Bingham (below left).

And if you know the plot of the The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, it’s obvious from what these 1950s comic-book stories were inspired. The “splash panels” are from Marvel Tales number 147  (June, 1956) and The Thing number 11 (November-December, 1953); the Batman tale was published in 1956.










THING comic book








































Below, resin Pteranodon vs. Kong model kit from Kaiyodo, based on the stop-motion models (sculpted by Marcel Delgado and animated by Willis O’Brien) and scene from the 1933 classic original King Kong.  Also (below), collectible still photos showing pre-production art by Byron Crabbe and the actual scene as it appeared in the movie.