“Dinosaur-Movie” Kit Models, Postcards, Etc.

Here is memorabilia from just some of the many movies featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

To see collectible items pertaining to some other movies featuring dinosaurs, CLICK HERE and also on the following links:  One Million B.C.Creature from the Black LagoonGodzilla  and sequels … Japanese monstersReptilicus Baby, Secret of the Lost Legend … and Carnosaur.   For Jurassic Park items, click herehere … and here.  To see more such imagery from movies like Dinosaurus and The Animal World,  including some sculptures by John Goodwin, click hereAnd for some posters for more movies featuring prehistoric creatures click here.

Montage of postcards based upon Karel Zeman’s 1955 Czech movie Journey to the Beginning of Time.


Back to the Future postcard































Mechanical “V. Rex” toy from the latest King Kong movie remake.  (The mouth is one of its moving parts.); and a cold cast model (Columbia Heritage, 2001) based on Ray Harryhausen’s  Phororhacos stop-motion model from the 1961 movie Mysterious Island.

Below, resin Pteranodon vs. Kong model kit from Kaiyodo, based on the stop-motion models (sculpted by Marcel Delgado and animated by Willis O’Brien) and scene from the 1933 classic original King Kong.  Also (below), collectible still photos showing pre-production art by Byron Crabbe and the actual scene as it appeared in the movie.






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