“Dinosaur Valley Girls”

















DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS  was the first professional motion picture I both wrote and directed, made for my production company Frontline Entertainment (www.FrontlineFilms.com). The movie was first released in 1996.  The movie was a campy fantasy comedy about a movie actor who is magically zapped through time to a mythical valley populated by sexy cavegirls, brutish cavemen and, of course, dinosaurs.

The film has played on TV, been released on home video and DVD, and even had a limited theatrical run. It spawned two books (see “Bibliography“) and a couple songs. There was also an assembly kit of the films’ “Jurassic Punk,” a pesky Allosaurus created by special-effects artist Tom Dickens, cast directly from the stop-motion model animated by Tom in the movie and manufactured by Valley Anatomical Preparations. This limited-edition kit is now a collector’s item.

Among the movie’s cast were Oscar-nominated Karen Black, Emmy winner William (Blacula) Marshall and former “Mr. America” Ed Fury.

Meet the “Tribe,” as featured in Dinosaur Valley Girls, and view selected scenes (and also some behind the scenes) from the movie.

Dinosaur Valley Girls is available for purchase on DVD from Amazon and other sources. To see the Dinosaur Valley Girls coming attractions trailer  (partial nudity),  CLICK HERE.