Gallery 2 and My “Dinosaur Park”

Gallery 2 contains images that some visitors may consider “risque.” Permission to enter both this Galley and also meet the exotic “Cavegirls” in my backyard “Dinosaur Park is recommended for visitors who agree to the following:
1. That you are at least 18 years old (that’s not in geologic time).
2. You are voluntarily choosing to view and see these images (no one’s forcing yo at spear-point).
3. You intend to view these images in a place where there are no other persons viewing this material who are minors or may be offended by such images (e.g., a cave or museum storeroom).
4. You are an evolved Homo sapiens (sorry, no Neanderthals allowed).
IF all these conditions apply to you, to enter Gallery 2 for a reunion with some of my museum Tour Guides,  CLICK HERE or the photo below; and proceed directly to meet the  cavegirls in my “Dinosaur Park” CLICK HERE  or on the Tyrannosaurus head image below.  But it you would like a preview of what you will see in my “Dinosaur Park,” first CLICK HERE.
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