“Knight” Diplodocus Sculpture

 Diplodocus sculpture




”Clone” of a sculpture of the sauropod dinosaur Diplodocus, made during the early part of the 20th Century, purchased during the 1980s in a drugstore in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. The original model was sculpted by Charles R. Knight based on a skeleton of Diplodocus carnegii mounted at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA.History; see souvenir postcard below). Knight executed more than one sculpture based upon this design and pose, also (in 1906) a painting done for the Carnegie Museum (images reproduced in the book Dinosaurs, Mammoths and Cavemen: The Art of Charles R. Knight, by Sylvia Massey Czerkas and Yours Truly). Joseph Franz Pallenberg, ca. 1909, created a life-sized Diplodocus statue, scaled up from Knight’s model, for Carl Hagenbeck’s Tiergarten zoo in Stellingen, near Hamburg, Germany (see old postcard, bottom).


Carnegie Museum Diplodocus

Knight Diplodocus sculpture

Knight Diplodocus painting