Prehistoric Bear Skull




Skull (cast) of  Ursus spelaeus, an early Pleistoecene “cave bear,” from Valley Anatomical Preparations, Canoga Park, CA.

Souvenir postcards showing prehistoric bear imagery: The first, a black and white reproduction of a color painting by Charles R. Knight at The Field Museum; the second, a mounted skeleton at The Field Museum of Arctodus simus, a late Pleistocene “short-faced” bear; and lastly. full-sized statues at “Dinosaur World,” Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

Knight cave bears

Arctodos skeleton

cave bears





Postcard from the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries, Los Angeles, CA, showing a mural painted by Jerome and Elma Connoly, depicting “a general view of what Southern California must have looked like 40,000 years ago.” A “short-faced” bear can be seen at far left.

La Brea