Miscellaneous “Train Room” Collectibles

Some of the many prehistoric items in the former “Train Room…,” such as collections of old comic books featuring dinosaur stories and numerous dinosaur related paperback books.

3D book


Several of a set of vinyl prehistoric-animal figures (left and below) from Japan (1980s).
















Boxed set of plastic toy dinosaurs (left). 


Woolly mammoth model.

mammoth model















Lobby cards from a couple Mexican dinosaur movies.

lobby card
















Skull (cast) of the horned dinosaur Chasmosaurus from V alley Anatomical Preparations, Canoga Park, CA.











Composition dinosaur candle holders made in Mexico.



Pyro lastic dinosaur assembly kits.

Pyro models

















Land of the Lost (TV series) lunch box and thermos (1970s). (I wrote one of those episodes, entitled “Blackout.”)















Hand-made wooden sauropod dinosaur figure.

wooden sauropod


Just one of many dinosaur-related LPs (remember what an LP is?).
















Plush “Dino” based on the character on The Flinstones animated TV series.














Also, a chunk of Late Triassic petrified wood from Arizona.