The Tribe vs. the “Jurassic Punk”

For many moons, the Tribe has been wary of the “Jurassic Punk,” a nasty (and hungry) Allosaurus, and have painted totem  slabs bearing his frightful image to keep him at bay.


And so, today, unlike so many others for the Tribe — including the Chief. the day’s security guard and the Cavegirls’ Champion fighter —  has been been relatively peaceful, lazy, relaxing, resting, even sleeping, the day pleasant, uneventful and even fun … and even some of the local dinosaurs have calmed down, providing comfy resting places …


















That is until … !

The “Jurassic Punk” — in a particularly nasty mood, hungry and no longer honoring their totem, taking the  Tribe  by surprise … !

… and the Tribe members seem to be at the mercy of the approaching Cavegirl-hungry monster!



While some members of the Tribe are already menaced by the dinosaur, aggressive action is needed.  And so, security sounds the call to arms!  Who will win the battle?  The Tribe or the Allosaurus AKA “Jurassic Punk”?       


Lona, the Tribe’s champion — its mightiest and most skilled warrior — resting, responds to the clarion call — hearing the screams and roars and quickly reacting to them … !




























    — but gets temporarily detained …


Again the call goes out, then another and another, the Tribe’s courageous Chief responding first …













… the call also reaching the ears other members of the Tribe.  And so those members of the Tribe are quickly armed,  taking the offensive, grasping their weapons,  ready to fight and already on their way.










With the Tribe armed, but with its champion Lona still on her way, the battle of Cavegirls versus the “Jurassic Punk” begins …!






























































































Alas, despite their valiant efforts and superior numbers, the Cavegirls fail in their attempts to slay the “JP.”  But all is not lost.  A third call for help blares out, with the intent of summoning again the Tribe’s champion to the battle…

One last call for additional aid. And happily, finally free of the obstacles holding her back,  Lona, the Tribe’s champion warrior, arrives on the scene, ready and determined to end the battle!





























































Lona stops running … and savagely vents her anger, strength and fighing skills on the “Jurasic Punk”!





And when it is finally over and the monster roars its last breath … a human cry of victory!


The “Jurassic Punk” is dead! The tribe members rejoice!


























The Chief is proud of all the brave Cavegirls in her tribe.  But what of Lona,  now that she has saved her Tribe from that nasty “Jurassic Punk”? Will she get a reward for her courage and skills?






The triumphant Cavegirl wants but one reward — and knows that she is entitled  to claim it … !






And as the other Cavegirls watch in amazement, Lona does just that, using only her strength and the head of her trusty spear …







































































… proudly claims a handsome trophy head …











































… to hang proudly on the Tribe’s cave wall!














The vintage spear the Cavegirls wielded was once held by one of Messmore & Damon’s  tribe of “prehistoric people,” who were part of the company’s “World a Million Years Ago” at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.  The slab art was painted by artist Frank Brunner, a prop — as well as was the Allosaurus arm by special-effects artist Thomas R, Dickens — made for the movie Dinosaur Valley Girls.   The big Allosaurus statues and the disembodied head came from Design Toscano, Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Composite image of Allosaurus trophy head on cave wall is by Pete Von Sholly.