More Shelves, More Dinosaurs




Top shelf, more dinosaur figures, including a ceramic plesiosaur bank from Taiwan.













Next shelf, metal Tyrannosaurus (made in Canada), ceramic Stegosaurus (Elizabeth Simpson, Drumheller, Alberta) and ceramic “hatchlings” (Dynamic Dimensions).











Next shelf (above), ceramic Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus banks, and also a Sinclair Oil “Substitution Proof” bank. And (below) some more ceramic figures, these definitely not “scientifically accurate”…








Next shelf. metal dinosaurs from Ral Partha (Partha Pewter), an Allosaurus with hoodoos (Double E. Ceramics, Drumheller, Alberta) and two ceramic banks.

















Next shelf down, toys including two tin walking dinosaurs from Blic (made in China). And another shelf, “Tyrannosaurus Rx” and “Pizza Saurus” (both made in Korea), also two hand-painted ceramic banks (made in China).












Yet another set of shelves, tiny plastic prehistoric-animal figures made in England by Inpro (1972).