On the Bookshelves…




Bookcases are not just for books. Those shelves come in very handy for displaying more dinosaur collectibles, such as (left) this assembly-kit Ceratosaurus model sculpted by Thomas R. Dickens.

Below, a Safari, Ltd. (Carnegie Collection) Maiasaura model; an “exclusive” golden Tyrannosaurus made by Schleich in Germany; a Triceratops model made in China; a barro negro (black clay) hand-made dinosaur figures from Mexico; set of ceramic “Dinosaur Dynasty” (1997) prehistoric animals by Larry Miller, from United Design Corp.; Smilodon figures (one looking down on  the shelves from a nearby wall)  made of soapstone; resin woolly mammoth from Schleich, a German company (although it was made in China); wooden sauropods dinosaur family group  from Arowe, Canada (1980s); metal tyrannosaur figures from Taiwan; life-size South American titanosaur hatchling model made inconjunction with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County’s “Tiniest Giants” traveling exhibit; Spinosaurus and Tupuxuara hard plastic figures made by Papo, France; hand-crafted wooden Corythosaurus model from the Phillipines; onyx dinosaurs from Mexico; bronze sauropod dinosaur (presumably Barapasaurus) skeleton from India; and “Dina-Mites” by Deaton Museum Studio (1970).

barro negro dinosaurs

Papo Tupuxuara










soapstone Smilodon

soapstone Smilodon head

soapstone Smilodon



















Papo Spnosaurus