Ontogeny — Still Growing…


My collection, which started out small and simple, continues to grow. These three very large dinosaur statues from Design Toscano arrived on August 23, 2011. Luckily I had some good friends — Bill Blair, Bill Winckler, Tim Smyth, Mark Debennedetti and Sid Terror — who all pitched in with me to move them the both heavy and cumbersome figures into my backyard “Dinosaur Park” before the sun completely set.

And as you can see, these statues make great “photo-ops“!  They also attract the producers of documentaries and TV news shows, such as , in 2012, the ABC primetime television series Nightline. … and also of motion picture producers who find my backyard and its dinosaur statues, as well as the inside of the house, an interesting location for a film shoot.

To see more of my backyard dinosaurs on this website, CLICK ON My “Dinosaur Park”  in Gallery 1.  And to see video showing some more big dinosaur statues being delivered on January 29, 2013, click on Frank Arend’s video montage: http://youtu.be/_mjR3sBEn_Y