Petrified Wood

petrified-wood 2




Fossilized (“petrified”) wood from the Upper Triassic of Arizona (but not from Petrified Forest National Park, as seen in the souvenir postcard, below).

Petrified Wood



Petrified Forest





Postcard (left) from the Gingko Petrified Forest Museum Building, Gingko State Park, Washington, showing Central Washington from about 100 million years ago to the present.

Postcard (below) from The Running Press Postcard Book (Running Press Book Publishers, 1987) reproducing a scene, by artist Doug Henderson in cooperation with paleontologist Robert A. Long, of Late Triassic Arizona in what is now Petrified Forest National Park. The scene depicts the carnivorous Lythrodynastes confronting a group of the herbivorous Placeria.

Henderson Petrified Forest scene