Plateosaurus & Pachycephalosaurus Figures

Plateosaurus-Pachycephalosaurus figuresPlateosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus figures made in China, early 1990s.


Plateosaurus model

Pachycephalosaurus model

One of a series of 50 “DinoCardz” (1992, art by Dave Marrz and Lynett Cook), depicting Plateosaurus; also, souvenir postcards from the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, showing a mounted skeleton of Plateosaurus engelhardti, another (1970s) showing a life-sized statue of Plateosaurus at “Dinosaur  Land,” between Winchester and Front Royal, VA, another (1985), a painting by Matthew Kaimenoff of Pachycephalosaurus, one of a series.


Plateosaurus trading card


Plateosaurus statue postcard




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