Eryops Skull




Skull (cast) of the prehistoric amphibian Eryops megacephalus from Valley Anatomical Preparations, Canoga Park, CA.

One of a 50-set series of “DinoCardz” trading cards (1992, art by Dave Marrs and Lynette Cook).

Eryops card



Souvenir postcard from the Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City, showing a display including a skeleton of Eryops megacephalus; postcard (photo by Chip Clark) reproducing artist John Gurche’s “Tower of Time” mural, from the “Fossils: The History of Life” exhibit. The postcard was issued by the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., Eryops shown in the foreground; postcard showing a ceramic Eryops figure from Abbeon (1957); and one of an exhibit formerly displayed at the Field Museum of Natural History (now The Field Museum), a full-scale reproduction of a Coal Age swamp forest, the 240 million years ago environment in which Eryops lived.

Coal Age Forest postcard