Messmore & Damon’s “Prehistoric People”





Some of Messmore & Damon’s “prehistoric people”  in my Southern California garage. It wouldn’t be long before the hot sun did its murderous job and these characters got sealed away in wooden crates, and in M&D’s Manhattan studio. Their heads are displayed inside my house…and the spear made a nice prop for the “cavegirl” photos I shot for Gallery 2. 








Messmore & Damon’s cave people appear to have been based upon some of the life-sized early-human figures once displayed at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History made by Frederick Blaschke in 1933 (the same year as the Chicago World’s Fair, “A Century of Progress”), such as this “Neanderthal Man” shown in a ca. 1930s Keystone Junior Series stereograph (“reverse cross” your eyes to see him in 3D), and  “a Neanderthal Woman,” shown in these old souvenir postcards. (To see more postards of these ancient folks — in color — CLICK HERE.)



Neanderthal woman.postcard

Neanderthal woman