Stegosaurus Parts

Stegosaurus skull




Various parts of the skeleton of Stegosaurus, including the skull, two dermal plates and two tail spikes (black specimens from DINOLab, Salt Lake City, UT).

Stegosaurus plates

Stegosaurus spikes






Stereographs showing views of Stegosaurus:  first, a view taken during the early 20th Century of the Stegosaurus skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History; second, the Smithsonian Institution’s papier mache life-sized, fleshed-out figure as it appeared in the United States Government exhibit at the World’s Fair, St. Louis (Underwood & Underwood, 1904. To see these images in 3D, just “reverse cross” your eyes.











American Museum of Natural History souvenir postcard showing its mounted Stegosaurus skeleton.









Postcards from The Field Museum, the first a black and white reproduction of Charles R. Knight’s small preliminary color “cartoon” of Stegosaurus, the other  the finished mural that he painted for the museum during the latter 1920s.









Postcard showing Stegosaurus and other Mesozoic creatures at the Snow Festival (1982) in Sapporo, Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Snow Festival Dinosaurs