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WARNING TO PARENTS! This website is not aimed at children (including hatchlings, juveniles and subadults). So if you’re looking for cute and cuddly dinosaurs like “Barney” or  the lovable PC characters from Disney’s Dinosaur and The Land Before Time movies, I strongly suggest that you go to someone else’s “dinosaur website” (parental judgement advised).

GREETINGS TO FANS OF DINOSAURS AND ALL THINGS PREHISTORIC! Welcome to my very large collection of “prehistoria”! My home has become a “museum,” as you will see when you go through the photos posted on this website (mostly in “Gallery 1“), each room cluttered with “prehistoric” items. My friendly “museum tour guides” will take you on a virtual journey through the house, one room at a time, as if you were actually here, and show many of the items displayed in each room.  But there are also some interesting things to see outside in my own “dinosaur park.”

WARNING!  “Gallery 2″ contains images that some visitors may consider “risqué” due to partial female nudity. Entering this Gallery is recommended only for visitors at least 18 years of age who are not offended by such images.

I’ve tried to make this website informative, but also fun. Many of the pages have links (CLICK HERE) to sub-pages and sub-sub pages (HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW)… and some of those have links within links to yet more sub-pages. Don’t miss those if you want to get the full experience of this website — though it may take you weeks  or longer. But, like a paleontologist doing field work, you’ll have to dig. But I warn you, while much of this website is “paleontologically correct,” it is by no means, as you will discover, “politically correct” (it’s “BC,” not “PC”).

The quickest (though not necessarily safest) way to get to Gallery 1 is to click on…