Theropod Dinosaur Claws



















Claws (casts)  of the theropods  Utahraptor, Deinonychus, Baryonyx, Megaraptor (above right) and other carnivorous dinosaurs.








Cast (from Gaston Design, Fruita, CO) of the third finger with claw of Utahraptor.







Postcard showing a rather fanciful Utahraphor statue displayed in the “Dinosaur Gardens” outside the Utah Field House museum in Vernal.










American Museum of Natural History postcard showing a skeleton of Deinonychus from Billings, Montana.









“Raptor Bubble Gum” — based on a dromaeosaurid dinosaur claw — from Creative Confection Concepts, Milwaukee, WI.









Smithsonian Institution souvenir postcard (1987) showing a “pack” of Deinonychus attacking the herbivorous dinosaur Tenontosaurus.
















Postcards from The Natural History Museum, London, showing both a lifestoration by J. Holmes and the original Baryonyx claw specimen.