Triceratops Postcards




The dinosaur Triceratops has been featured in numerous postcards over the decades — and here are just some of them. (Left, Impact Photo Graphics, 1987.)













Artwork by Neave Parker prepared for the Briitish Museum (Natural History), now The Natural History Museum, London.


Audio-Animatronic tableau made by the Disney corporation originally for the 1964 New York World’s Fair’s Ford Wonder Rotunda exhibit, later relocated to Disneyland’s “Primeval World” attraction in Anahein, CA.









Skulls on display at Naturmuseum Senckenberg, Franfurt/Main, Germany.


Model from the “Triceratops Traveling Exhibit,” sponsored by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.








Skeleton (cast of American Museum of Natural History specimen) exhibited at the Museum of Science, Boston.



Artwork by Susie Rensan (1985).









No. 8 in a series of postcards published by J. Arthur Dixon Ltd., Birmingham, England, which, when strung together with the other cards, forms a continuous picture.








Postcard showing a ceramic Triceratops figure made by Abbeon, Jamaica, NY (1957).



One of a set of postcards of animatronic prehistoric figures from Dinamation International Corp. (1980s).









DC Dinos, “Notions by Mark Baldwin, Drawings by Rob Groves, Coloring Post Cards  from The Borealis Press, Elsworth, Maine (1990).









Postcard from Hobby Trading Post, Seaford, New York, reproducing (albeit in black and white) a painting by Zdenek Burian.


“Dinosaurs by Plum” (1983), one of a set.










Life-sized statue — one of many displayed in a Prehistoric Animals park — in Blackgang Chine, Isle of  Wight, England (photo by Precision Limited, St. Ives, Huntington).





Photo by Tom Ahern, from Diana’s Cards, Warwick, NJ.