Tyrannosaurid Phalanx & Ungual






Cast of a pedal phalanx and ungual (foot digit and claw) of a tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur, probably Gorgosaurus libratus, from Mid-Land Scientific Service of Canada. The original specimen was collected from the Upper Cretaceous Judith River Formation of Red Deer River Valley, Alberta, Canada.


tyrannosaurid-finger bones












Below, postcards showing three-dimensional, old and dramatically different interpretations of G. libratus, none of them scientifically accurate by today’s standards: Diorama showing Gorgosaurus (left) squaring off with Tyrannosaurus (which in reality lived millions of years later), at the United States National Museum (now the National Museum of Natural History), Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; life-sized statue at the Calgary Zoo, Alberta, Canada; and another full-scale model at “Prehistoric Parks,” Drumheller, Alberta.

Gorgosaurus diorama

Gorgosaurus Calgary Zoo

Gorgosaurus Prehistoric Parks