Tyrannosaurus Skull

Photo 1: Me in the early 1980s with my recently arrived prize — a cast of a skull of Tyrannosaurus rex, made from the original specimen at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  At the time, this was the largest reasonably complete T. rex skull yet collected.

Photo 2: Mary J. Odano in the Vertebrate Paleontology lab at the museum. Mary made my T. rex skull cast.

Photo 3: Mary working on my T. rex skull cast.

Photo 4: My Mom meets “the King”” (of dinosaurs).

Photo 5: When this reconstructed T. rex skeleton was mounted at the museum for the “Dueling Dinosaurs” exhibit (see photo, below), the skull was too heavy — and had to be displayed separately. The skull on this exhibit, like mine, is a cast replica. 

After getting the Tyrannosaurus skull, my collection of fossil casts really took off…and soon my house began to look more and more like an actual museum.


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