Waterhouse Hawkins Iguanodon




Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins’ 19th Century interpretation of the herbivorous dinosaur Iguanodon. This model was one of a set sold around the turn of the last century to museums and private collectors. It was part of a set that included Megalosaurus.

This and other of Hawkins’ prehistoric-animal models, originally available from the Wards catalogue of scientific supplies, was based upon the “life-sized” statues he made in 1853 for the Crystal Palace grounds in London (below, souvenir postcard, also photo by Bill Warren, below left).

To see photos of some of Hawkins’ Crystal Palace prehistoric animals in three dimensions, CLICK HERE

In the more-than-a-century following Hawkins’ original Crystal Palace presentation, full-sized Iguanodon statues have been featured in numerous “prehistoric parks.” To see some of these figures, CLICK HERE.