Welcome to Vernal!

 A sampling of souvenir postcards and other collectibles from Vernal, Utah, with dinosaur imagery: The big Tyrannosaurus statue, seen on a postcard (below, left), was designed and constructed by George Milecam to promote his local Dine-A-Ville Motel in 1958. His wife Helen designed “Dinah,” the friendly bipedally posed sauropod that has become Vernal’s mascot. “Dinah” originally appeared that year as a large pink statue standing outside the motel, but has been moved to a hilltop at the edge of town, welcoming visitors to Vernal. The Dinosaur Gardens life-sized prehistoric-animal statues, seen outside the Vernal Field House museum (now called the Natural History State Museum) were made by Elbert H.  Porter. The three white cement dinosaur figures in front of the museum are the work of Millard Filmore Malin.





































































Local artist E. G. (Ernest) Untermann produced myriad,  rather quaint pieces depicting the prehistoric life of Utah for the Vernal Field House of Natural History.  Some of these paintings are on display, others are stored away in the museum’s collections. For years I’ve tried (with no luck) to obtain one of these paintings for my own collection.