Cabinet of Real Fossils



Although I don’t collect real fossils, I have some … and keep most of them inside this metal cabinet. Fossils housed therein include fragmentary dinosaur, mammal, marine reptile, phytosaur, pelycosaur and other vertebrate bones and teeth, invertebebrates and plants.






These fossils include a couple armored fishes skulls and some articulated mosasaur vertebrae.












Tooth and fragmentary dorsal spine of the pelycosaur Dimetrodon.



The cabinet is also adeal fir displaying model kits (on top), dinosaur stickers, dinosaur magnets and other items.


Fossils including tiny bones (in black matrix) of a Texas phytosaur.




The big bone chunks are from the giant dinosaur Apatosaurus.










In the little containter — ossified tendons of a hadrosaur (duckbilled dinosaur).