Charles R. Knight Artwork




Original artwork by Charles R. Knight, including: Oil painting  done for a book he authored, Prehistoric Man, the Great Adventurer (1949); chart showing various kinds of dinosaurs, drawn by Knght for his book Before the Dawn of History, a book (1935). of whch I have a signed copy; a drawing of the “ostrich-like’ Struthiomimus, first published in my book The Dinosaur Dictionary; and an unpublished drawing of the chimera pelycosaur “Naosaurus.”















Knight’s “Drawings of Dinosaurs” piece as it appeared in Bef0re the Dawn of History




















The “Naosaurus” drawing was done byKnight based upon his earlier sculpture of the same creature.



Old American Museum of Natural History postcard of “The Naosaurus.”


















This 1950s postcard was issued by the American Museum of Natural History reproducing a painting made by Knight in 1897 depicting Dimetrodon (foreground) and “Naosaurus” (background).


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