Atychodracon Skeleton















Skeleton (cast from Jones Fossil Farm, Worthington, MN) of a juvenile plesiosaur of the genus Atychodracon, collected during the 19th century by Mary Anning at Lyme Regis, Dorset, England.

Souvenir postcard showing a mounted skeleton of an adult pleasiosaur of the genus Plesiosaurus; and a DinoCardz Co. postcard (1991) reproducing a painting of Plesiosaurus by Dave Marrs and Lynette Cook.








One of many souvenir postcards (below, left) from the Lyme Regis Fossil Shop Museum, this one showing a fossil ammonite of the species Asteroceras obtusum.


Portrait of Mary Anning reproduced in a souvenir postcard from The Natural History Museum, London.

















Souvenir postcards (below) showing “Life [including Plesiosaurus] in Dorset in Purbeck Times,” from a mural painted by Kenneth Hatts for the Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, Dorset — located a comfortable driving distance from the site where Ms. Anning recovered her specimen.