Russ Manning’s “Tarzan”




In the 1960s Russ Manning took over the regular art chores from Jesse Marsh on the Tarzan comic book, originally published by Dell and later by Gold Key Comics (Western Publishing Company). Russ had worked on the book, but not on a regular basis, as far back as the 1950s. Russ loved prehistoric creatures and loved drawing them — and included plenty during his four-year stint writing and drawing the Tarzan newspaper comic strip. 

Manning Tarzan










During the 1970s, Russ became editor/writer/artist for a series of  graphic novels about the Ape Man.



Later, in the 1970s, Russ Manning edited a series of black-and-white Tarzan Weekly comics published in the United Kingdom. I was fortunate enough to write a lot of those stories, including one wherein the Ape Man met a dinosaur-wrangling Buffalo Bill.

Tarzan weekly