“SUE” Collectibles


“SUE,” The Field Museum’s Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton (the largest, most complete and best preserved T. rex specimen yet collected) has been heavily merchandised. Here are just some of the “SUE” items that are available in the museum’s gift shops. (To see some collectibles pertaining to “Thomas the T. rex,” CLICK HERE…and other Tyrannosaurus specimens with nicknames, CLICK HERE.)










Souvenir “SUE” postcards from The Field Museum.
















Postcard showing “SUE” painting by artist John Gurche.









Postcard showing “SUE” head restoration by sculptor Brian Cooley.



Kaiyodo vinyl figure.








Magnet (skeleton transforms to skeleton).







































Christmas tree ornament designed and manufactured by David Howell & Company (1998).












SUE snow globe (2007).









Refridgerator magnet.