Your tour through my “museum” begins here. Click on any of the following three exhibits groups and you’re on your way. Each group includes various rooms where items in my dinosaur collection are displayed. And each exhibits group will take you through the collection as if you were actually here, room by room, starting with Exhibits 1 and ending with Exhibits 3. Just follow “Captain” Paula Labaredas or any of the other “Museum Guides” on her team. And don’t forget to visit my own “Dinosaur Park,” outside in back of the house, following Exhibits 3.

Sorry, but my museum does not (yet, anyway) have a gift shop.

EXHIBITS 1          EXHIBITS 2          EXHIBITS 3        MY “DINOSAUR PARK”




For a brief but cool video tour through my museum, courtesy of Jerry Moore  (“Karlos Borloff” of TV’s Monster Madhouse), CLICK HERE.