Some Iguanodon Collectibles

Souvenir postcard — one of a series — showing Igaunodon and other dinosaurs, issued in 1978 by the British Museum (Natural History), now The Natural History Museum, London.









The herbivorous dinosaur Iguanodon has been the subject of numerous collectibles. Among these are toys and models put out by various companies (photos of some of these shown elsewhere on this website).  These include (below) this Alva metal figure (1950s), Neoform composition figure (early 1950s) and Starlux figures (1970s), and also the Invicta  plastic figure, shown below.













Iguanodon postcard from England, one of a series.

Postcard showing a sculpture of Iguanodon bernissartensis displayed at the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique.

Montage of postcards showing skeletons of Iguanodon bernissartensis at the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique; and a postcard showing a mounted skeleton (cast) of I. bernissartensis at the University Museum of Natural History, Oxford University, England.



















Postcard showing a ceramic Iguanodon figure made by Abbeon, Jamaica, NY (1957).


Iguanodon exhibit book