Invicta Prehistoric Animals




Plastic prehistoric-animal figures made by Invicta, originally sold by The Natural History Museum, London (formerly British Museum of Natural History), many of the models having been sculpted by Arthur Hayward.


ITC models



Invicta Megalosaurus and Iguanodon


Hayward based some of his sculptures on previously existing artwork. For example, his Dipplodocus and Apatosaurus sculptures on these paintings by Czech artist Zdenek Burian, reproduced in paleontologist J. Augusta’s highly collectible book Prehistoric Animals







 ….his Baryonyx on this model sculpted by John Holmes for The Natural History Museum, London, as seen in a souvenir postcard (below)…


…and his dinosaurs Scelidosaurus and Iguanodon on paintings by Neave Parker, reproduced in these black and white  postcards from the British Museum (Natural History), now The Natural History Museum, London.



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