Tyrannosaurus Tooth




Cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth.

Stereopticon view taken during the early 20th Century of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton mounted at the American Museum of Natural History. (To see this image in 3D, “reverse cross” your eyes.)

Tyrannosaurus-skeleton stereo view








Souvenir postcard from the American Museum of Natural History showing the museum’s T. rex skeleton as mounted with its original (and incorrect) vertical posture.

Decades-later American Museum of Natiral History postcard showing its T. rex skeleton as re-mounted in a modern (and accurate) horizontal pose.

DinoCardz postcard (1992) reproducing a painting of Tyrannosaurus by artist Dave Marrs.









Jigsaw puzzle postcard from the Field Museum, reproducing the image of Tyrannosaurus as depicted on a U.S. postage stamp.