Messmore & Damon Mosasaur




Mechanical mosasaur (athough it also kind of resembles an icthyosaur) from Messmore & Damon’s attraction “The World a Million Years Ago,” which debuted at the Chicago World’s Fair (1933-4), “A Century of Progress.”


Mural painted by Charles R. Knight for The Field Museum showing the giant mosasaur Tylosaurus and sea turtle Protostega, one of a series of stickers reproducing Knight’s mural art, appearing in this booklet written byField Museum paleontologist Bryan Patterson, first published in 1954 (this is the 1959 reissue).  There were other booklets in this series, with slipcase, but not relating to paleontology. Bottom, painting (based on a life restoration by Charles R. Knight) by Matthew Kalmenoff of an icthyosaur for a stamp in Animals of the Past Stamps (A Golden Playbook, Simon and Schuster, 1954).