Messmore & Damon Cave Bears




Mechanical “cave bears” (Ursus spelaeus) from Messmore & Damon’s  popular attraction “The World a Million Years Ago.”

One of M&D’s mechanical “cave bears” as it looked during the early 1930s before subsequent refurbishings (below):












The Field Museum souvenir postcard depicting, in black and white, a color mural painted by artist Charles R. Knight for the museum’s Ernest R. Graham Hall, the old “Hall 38.”  Shown in this mural panel are two Pleistocene “cave bears.” (This postcard is one of a series reproducing Knight’s murals done for the museum.) Also, a postcard showing life-sized “cave bears” at “Dinosaur World” in Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

cave bears









The Field Museum postcard showing a skeleton of the “short-faced bear” Arctodus timus, North American “cousin” of the European “cave bear,” mounted in the museum’s “Hall of Evolving Life.” Photograph by John Weinstein, negative number GEO86436_07d.