Bear Feet

At the mechanical cave bears’  feet … J. Howard McGregor made numerous life-sized busts of prehistoric humans, most of which found their way into museum displays. The Messmore & Damon wax caveman heads (from “The World a Million Years Ago“) arrived with full bodies — that cracked and split apart during a Southern California heat wave).


Also by these bear feet, the head of one of those Messmore & Damon “prehistoric people.”













Old Field Museum postcard showing three more prehistoric-man busts sculpted by McGregor and formerly on exhibit at that museum.
















Below, a vinyl Stegosaurus belonging to the “Thunder Beasts” toy set, by M. T., China; a plaster-cast Hypselosaurus egg (below right) from Jones Fossil Farm, Worthington, MN; and dinosaur egg fossil casts from Jones and other sources; hatching Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus  from Design Toscano, Elk Grove Village, IL; hatching Protoceratops from Windstone Editions, North Hollywood, CA; and an in ovo hadrosaur baby from Mid-Land Scientific Services, Drumheller, Canada.  At bottom,  finally, another kind of foot — the skeletal foot (cast) of the meat-eating dinosaur Albertosaurus, from Valley Anatomical Preparations, Canoga Park, CA.

hatching sauropod


dinosaur egg casts

Brachiosaurus hatching


Tyrannosaurus hatching

Protoceratops hatching

hadrosaur in egg