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 Godzilla 1985 head





I have way too many Godzilla (the Japanese Kaiju or giant monster)  model kits and other items, including a Kaiyodo resin cameo, movie posters, lobby cards, pressbooks and stills, record albums, puzzles, nonfiction books, novels various comic-books series, magazines, souvenir postcards, trading cards, records, DVDs and videos, games, ashtray, banks, ceramic figures, model kits, toys, even a roaring  Godzilla head, speaking telephone receiver cradle, squirt gun and cigarette lighter) to show, but here is a small sampling of some “Big G”-related items. Among my more prized Gojira (the giant prehistoric monster’s Japanese name) items is the head from the movie Godzilla 1985, pulled from a mold for one of the film’s special-effects miniature models (above right).  And if you are wondering, yes, I have more Godzilla items that are not represented in these photos.

For a look back at my 1985  Godzilla Anniversary Party, click HERE. To see Godzilla as he (and other monsters) appeared in my 1964 amateur movie Son of Tor click HERE.  And to see my homemade Godzilla albeit ephemeral “collectible” formed from snow. click HERE.

And for collectibles pertaining to other Asian movie monsters click HERE… and Godzilla’s unbilled “cameo appearance on the Ultraman television series click HERE.









GODZILLA View Master





Godzilla trading card



rubber & plastic light-up Godzilla

Gidzilla cameo


Godzilla model kit box cover

Godzilla Aurora model kit




Godzilla cameo

Roaring Godzilla headGodzilla post card



Godzilla postcardMechagodzilla postcardPlaster Godzilla from Mexico


Godzilla postcard 1994

Godzilla ceramics

Godzilla ceramics all


Godzilla ashtray

Godzilla albums

Godzilla puzzle


Godzilla Fan Club

Godzilla gun & lighter


Godzilla books

Godzilla DVDsGodzilla comic books


Gojira poster

Godzilla pressbook

Godzilla lobby cards



Godzilla FM coverGodzilla big