“The Flintstones”


Popular (and long-running) TV show that it was, The Flinstones spawned a lot of merchandise, most of which I had little or no interest in collecting. (To see some collectibles based upon other TV series with prehistoric themes, CLICK HERE.)







There are postcards featuring The Flinstones characters. This montage shows some of them.

Many Flintstones-related items can be purchased at the giftshops in a number of “Flintstones Bedrock City” attractions located in parts of the USA and Canada. You get an idea of what they’re like from these pennants, postcards and brochures.

Souvenir postcards from the Custer “Flinstones Bedrock City.”











Flintstones Hunting Party toy set (Louis Marx & Co.).





Mostly, as far as Flintstones collectibles were concerned, I have some of the comic books. There were numerous Flintstones comic books over the years, issued by different publishers.
















There were also special “one-shot” editions and even “spin-off” comic-book series featuring the Flintstones cast of characters.